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Welcome To The Farm!

At Finley Farm Kennels, we specialize in showing and breeding AKC registered French Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Pointers, and Dogue de Bordeaux. Our dogs are cherished members of our family and receive the utmost care and attention. We are dedicated to raising healthy and happy puppies for the perfect addition to your home. We invite you to explore our farm and learn more about our dogs and the joy they bring.

Finley Farm's Current Events!

Show Calendar

  • April- Salty Dog Cluster, Vallejo, CA

  • May-French Bulldog Specialty/Howling At The Moon, Turlock, CA

  • June-Woofstock, Vallejo, CA


2024 Schedule

Future Litters

  • Frenchie- Fall 2024

  • Pointer- TBA

  • Bulldog-TBA

  • Dogue De Bordueax - TBA

Handling Classes at the Farm


dogue de bordeaux puppies

The Finley Farm
Buddy Story

dogue de bordeaux in a pond

How does someone end ups with 5 alpacas, 5 cats, macaws, cockatoos, chickens and your own wolfpack consisting of Dogue de Bordeauxs, Pointers, Bulldogs and French Bulldogs? The journey starts with the love of animals and the need to help the ones in need.

Here at Finley Farms we are not only breeders but we rescue those animals in need. We are that "friend" you call when you know someone who needs to rehome their pet. We are that "friend" you call when you find that stray dog or injured bird and your not sure what to do with it. We take pride in being a safe place for those animals in need.

Our Dogue de Bordeaux journey started  with a special dogue named Buddy. I was online one evening looking at facebook when a friend posted a need for a foster. There was a DDB in the east bay that need a place ASAP. The current owner was taking him to the shelter if no one could take him right away. I don't know why I sent the message but I know I didn't hesitate. I had to "save" him. The next evening I meet Buddy and his owner to evaluate him. He was working as a guard dog for a cannibis farm and it was time for him to retire.

My first impression.... I need to put meat on his bones. At 95lbs he was a little thin for his build. He was easy going with humans but didn't like other dogs. I knew this wasn't going to be easy but I also knew I was going to do it anyways.

I took his lead and he just followed me never looking back at the life he was leaving behind.

When I say this wasn't going to be easy, I originally thought that his attitude towards other dogs would be the issue. What I didn't know that night was Buddy had major damage to his spine and was most likely medicated that night to hide the pain. Over the next 24hours his pain would reach a level that would cause him to cry out at the smallest movement. An MRI would later show that there was no option for surgery the damage was too extreme. So what do we do now? Alternative medicine and medication combo! We did acupuncture regularly and over time found the right combination of medication to keep him happy and loving life. He is now 125lbs ( maybe 130lbs lol) but who is counting. He plays with other dogs and is the leader of the pack! 

This dog has taught me to never give up, even when it's hard to find hope. 




Pleasanton, CA 94588

Tel: 510-688-0419


finley farm kennels pointer, bulldog, frenchie and dogue de bordeaux pups


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